WiFi Locations

Attract guests in unique ways and increase your revenue

Each WiFi location or business venue may have different branding and Internet access limits.

WiFi location may engage your guests in unique ways and increase your revenue.

Depending on venue size, WiFi location may have single or multiple routers/access points that all share the same settings and branding.

SMART WiFi software helps you create different splash pages with logo, background, and colors for each location.

Collect user data on one location, bill high-speed access for another, or display video ads for Internet access.

Engage users and collect surveys – so that you can learn about wishes and issues and react on it real-time.

In the resort, lobby guests can be greeted with the welcome page of complimentary free WiFi.

From the rooms, guests can log in with a room number and name.

In your SPA, offer a discount on massages.

At the restaurant, promote your wines.

Conference users may log in with a shared access password.

Promo Image for Access


Easily create image ads and announcements that will be displayed on the Splash page.

Put the latest promotion, display coupon to be redeemed at the retail store, offer discounts and invite guests to complete a survey or just get more info.


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